I love the people in my life, they seem to understand my passion for the details. That real interaction is something what I’m always looking for. Real people. real stories, beautiful stories.

I want to document it and then put it on paper, where it really comes to life. I’m obsessed with printing our family photos. I know how happy those books will make me when I’m grey and old. How proud I will be to show them to everyone.

You want to create memories with your best people and then put them on paper so you can have them forever. Wedding photo shoot and all other happy moments come and go very quickly, photograph them to remember.

Wedding Photography with Adrian Mazur

The Storytelling of a London Documentary Wedding Photographer

My photography style is focused on capturing a complete narrative within a single frame, rather than presenting a sequence of isolated detail shots or tightly cropped portraits. I strive to immerse the viewer in the scene, by including ample context and activity, while highlighting specific moments of significance within the composition. I aim to produce multi-layered documentary photographs, conveying meaning and action that invites the viewer's eye to explore the frame, uncovering unexpected and revealing details that add depth and richness to the story being told.

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Destination Wedding
Photography options:

Destination Wedding

If you are looking for a destination photographer then I can work with you to make this as cost-effective as possible. Only charge for my packages as a normal UK wedding and then travel and an overnight stay on top.

  • Choose a package above that fits your schedule or enquire for custom hours- Timings can be different from UK weddings. So I am here to be able to adjust perfectly for your day.
  • Let me know the location- I can then prepare you a quote for the travel and overnight stays (a few nights if this is a long distance and several days of coverage)
  • No hidden costs or extras, clear and easy.

I have been lucky enough to visit some lovely places for weddings such as Ibiza, Romania, Germany, Poland and Iceland.

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– Ibiza Spain

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