Frequently Asked


When will we get the photos after our wedding?

For which time frame can you

be booked?

You can book me from few hours and more. There is no time limit, you set the time frame. I am also happy to attend your preparation and celebration for several days – just according to your needs.

I don't like to make my couples wait many months for such a special treat. That's why I simply deliver photos between 21 and 60 days. While you can expect on average 30 days.

Should we book in advance?

Can you go for a honeymoon with us?

Couples usually book me more than one year in advance. I'm absolutely open for spontaneous propositions within short time frame, even weeks.

Absolutely! Send me Email about details and your plans. I am open for short and long adventures.

Online Gallery.

How does this work?

Your personal online gallery is launched within four weeks after your wedding. The gallery is password protected and can only be visited by users with your login and password information. Pictures can be downloaded from there.

I am living in London, and because of that I can get anywhere in the world fast and easy. It’s a incredible pleasure to travel where the best day of your life takes place. I am experienced with destination weddings, e.g. Spain, Poland, Iceland, Romania, UK...

What about printing. Can we order printed photos or albums from you?

Are you available to meet before the booking?

Of course. It's very important for me to deliver best quality albums and printed photos. Email me for details.

Yes, I am more than happy to meet you in London. If you are living outside of London or abroad, we can meet skype/facetime.

What kind of Equipment do you use? Do you use flashes?

How Would You Describe Your Photography Style?

All Equipment is professional. I use Canon 5D Mark IV bodies with different fixed lenses. I prefer to shoot with natural, available light. However I use flashes for low light conditions and special photography effects.

You can see my style of editing on my page. I'm usually editing pictures in warm/natural style, depends of the wedding. Part of the pictures will be black and white to fulfil potential of your motive. I using lots of documentary style.

How many pictures of our

wedding will we get?

Do you have prepayment deposit

for your work?

You will receive absolutely the best pictures. Amount depends of the time frame and collection, and it's between 300 - 800 photos.

Yes. Deposit is 50 pounds for couple photoshoot or 250 pounds for the wedding reservation.

Engagement / Couple Photoshoots

How I Shoot?

What if it rains?

We can never trust the British weather! it rains in a lot of my sessions, but usually stops after a few minutes.

just before I start shooting my engagement sessions in London, I always advise couples to embrace the weather and go with the flow; wind and and a bit of rain can look amazing in photos! in case there's a heavy storm, I’m happy to move our shoot by a day, depending on my schedule.

I take photos that represents who you truly are as a couple, a focus into you two, your smiles, your cuddles, your jokes and the way you naturally be with each other when nobody's watching.

Instead of pushing you into a bunch of unnatural poses, I will guide you with questions and funny games as we shoot to get those natural reactions.

Best time to shoot?

What locations to choose?

Early morning or late afternoon are the best times for a London Engagemnet Photoshoot. London is one of the most visited places in the world so the streets can get very busy, especially if it’s a weekend! That's also the best time to get the great lighting conditions.

If you would like to shoot in more touristy spots - pick a week day instead of weekends, otherwise could be very crowded.

Pick places you as couple have a connection with. it could be around the area where you first met, or where something memorable happened in your relationship. it could even take place in your own home + neighbourhood or even just down at your local pub.

If you're shy around camera, it is best to avoid shooting in the more touristy spots. I'm pretty good at relaxing people in front of the camera, but you can make it a more personal experience if you choose private more comfortable spot.

How long it will take?

Can I bring a spare change of clothes?

Yes of course, but keep them to minimum and there will be not too much time to change because I like to Shoot and capture this precious moments all the time, and we will be moving all the time through out the city streets.

The couple shoot / engagement photo shoot takes between 1h and 2h whilst we cover a number of locations within walking distance or short commute.

Some couples willing to add more sessions if we need to cover more locations at different areas.