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London is one of the most romantic cities for an engagement photo shoot. From the contrast between ancient landmarks vs the spectacular contemporary architecture all blessed with beautiful soft light and a bit of rain, it's like the city was ideally built for romantic + natural engagement photo shoots. It will be the perfect backdrop for your beautiful couple photo shoot in London.

It doesn't matter if you don’t live in London. If you are visiting the city to celebrate an engagement, then we will arrange a photo shoot as per your itinerary.

Engagement Photographer London

How do I Shoot Engagement Photos?

I take photos that represent who you truly are as a couple. I keep my focus on the interaction between you two, catching all the subtle moments of love, your smiles, your cuddles, your jokes and the way you are naturally with each other when nobody's watching.

Instead of pushing you into a bunch of unnatural poses, I will guide you with questions and funny games as we shoot to get those natural reactions.


What if it rains?

It’s quite likely that we might catch the rain when doing the couple or pre-wedding photoshoot in London. We can never trust the British weather! It rains in a lot of my sessions but usually stops after a few minutes.

As a precaution, just before I start shooting in London, I always advise couples to embrace the weather and go with the flow; wind and a bit of rain can look amazing in photos! However, in case there's a heavy storm, I will be happy to move our shoot by a day, depending on my schedule.

What locations to choose?

Pick places you as couple have a connection with. it could be around the area where you first met, or where something memorable happened in your relationship. it could even take place in your own home + neighbourhood or even just down at your local pub.

If you're shy around camera, it is best to avoid shooting in the more touristy spots. I'm pretty good at relaxing people in front of the camera, but you can make it a more personal experience if you choose private more comfortable spot.

Can I bring a spare change of clothes?

Yes of course, but keep them to minimum and there will be not too much time to change because I like to Shoot and capture this precious moments all the time, and we will be moving all the time through out the city streets.

How long it will take?

The couple shoot / engagement photo shoot or pre-wedding photo shoot takes between 1-3 hours on average whilst we cover a number of locations within walking distance or a short commute.

For couples willing to add more sessions, we can cover more locations across different areas.

What is the best time to shoot?

Early morning and late afternoon are the best times for engagement engagement photoshoot in London. The city being one of the most visited places in the world, the streets can get very busy, especially if it’s a weekend! Moreover, that's also the best time to get great lighting conditions.

If you would like to shoot in more touristy spots - pick a weekday instead of weekends, otherwise, it could get very crowded.

Couple Photoshoot London

Here are some of the benefits of booking a couple photoshoot with Adrian:

  1. A chance to celebrate your love story: A couple photoshoot London is an opportunity to celebrate your relationship and showcase your love for each other in a beautiful and creative way.
  2. Professional photography: I use only high-end equipment and techniques to capture your love story in the most flattering and artistic way possible.
  3. Memories that last a lifetime. Your couple photoshoot in London will create memories that you'll treasure for years to come. You'll have beautiful images to share with your loved ones, display in your home, or use for your wedding invitations and social media profiles.
  4. A fun and relaxed experience. I understand that being in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking for some couples. That's why I aim to make your photoshoot a fun and relaxed experience, where you can be yourselves and enjoy each other's company while we capture your love story.
  5. Customized packages. I offer a range of customizable packages to suit your budget and preferences, including location, duration, number of images.

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