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destination wedding photographer

As a destination wedding photographer, I live for the thrill of capturing couples amid their love story, in a far-flung corner of the world. I specialize in those weddings that seek a special touch, a certain je ne sais quoi that only a destination wedding can provide.

What I love most is the unique narrative of each couple's big day. There's nothing like the magic of a beach wedding, the salty air mingling with the scent of love. I pride myself on my discreet yet imaginative approach, which allows me to capture the authenticity of your union. The backdrops and lighting at destination weddings are nothing short of stunning, and I revel in using them to create spectacular images.

I've shot weddings in a variety of locations, from Ibiza, and Spain to Germany, Poland, Romania, Iceland, and Cyprus. As a seasoned destination wedding photographer, I understand the importance of knowing the light in different parts of the world, and how it can impact the moments that matter most. By staying attuned to the nuances of the surroundings, I ensure that every shot captures the essence of your special day, immortalizing your love in a way that you'll treasure for years to come.

''With my camera as my compass, I've traversed the globe, taking snaps in around 80 countries. It was never in question - I was destined to be a Destination Wedding Photographer.''

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Destination Wedding
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Destination Wedding

If you are looking for a destination photographer then I can work with you to make this as cost-effective as possible. Only charge for my packages as a normal UK wedding and then travel and an overnight stay on top.

  • Choose a package above that fits your schedule or enquire for custom hours- Timings can be different from UK weddings. So I am here to be able to adjust perfectly for your day.
  • Let me know the location- I can then prepare you a quote for the travel and overnight stays (a few nights if this is a long distance and several days of coverage)
  • No hidden costs or extras, clear and easy.

I have been lucky enough to visit some lovely places for weddings such as Ibiza, Romania, Germany, Poland and Iceland.

– Ibiza Spain

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