7 Useful Tips for Booking a Wedding Florist.


7 Useful Tips for Booking a Wedding Florist.

Booking a Wedding Florist

The rustle of the bride's dress, the sparkling champagne, the clinking of glasses, and, of course, the radiant bouquet of flowers that the bride carries down the aisle - every detail contributes to the symphony of a wedding. Among these, your wedding florist plays a crucial role. After all, they're the maestro orchestrating the floral symphony on your big day. This guide will help you while you Booking a Wedding Florist.

Understanding Your Floral Needs

Before plunging into the world of peonies, roses, and hydrangeas, it's important to have a clear idea of what you want. How about a lush, trailing bouquet for a rustic wedding or sleek, minimalist arrangements for a modern one? Maybe even exotic orchids for a beach wedding? Once you're clear on this, you're ready to start your search.

Setting a Flower Budget

Keep in mind that flowers aren't just about the bridal bouquet. Consider everything from the boutonnieres, corsages, ceremony arch, and reception centerpieces when setting your budget. While you Booking a Wedding Florist wouldn't want to be caught off guard, would you?

Tip 1: Start Your Research Early

Imagine having your heart set on a particular florist, only to find out they're booked on your wedding day? Heartbreaking, right? So, start your research early. Ask for recommendations, read reviews, and scour wedding magazines and blogs.

Where to Look for Florists

The internet is your best friend here, but word of mouth is also a powerful tool. Trust the recommendations of your friends, family, and even other wedding vendors. After all, good news travels fast! You can find many great florists from London here, have a look.

Tip 2: Check Out the Florist’s Portfolio

Booking a Wedding Florist

Just like you wouldn't buy a dress without trying it on, don't book a florist without reviewing their work. Their portfolio can give you insights into their style, creativity, and attention to detail.

Tip 3: Consider the Florist’s Experience and Specialization

Weddings are a different ball game altogether. Make sure your florist is comfortable with the scale and style of your wedding. An experienced florist with the right specialization will not just meet, but exceed your expectations.

Tip 4: Schedule a Consultation when Booking a Wedding Florist

Now that you have your shortlist, it's time to meet the contenders. Schedule consultations, and remember to bring along any reference photos, your wedding theme, and color palette.

What to Bring to a Consultation

Bring your wedding mood board, fabric samples of bridesmaid dresses, and pictures of your wedding gown. The more the florist knows about your vision, the better they can bring it to life!

Tip 5: Understand Pricing and Contract Details

Booking a Wedding Florist

Before you sign on important documents, make sure you understand the pricing, cancellation policy, and what happens in case of unforeseen circumstances. Better safe than sorry.

Tip 6: Confirm Delivery and Setup Details

Make sure your florist will take care of the delivery, setup, and breakdown. You wouldn't want to be dealing with centerpieces when you should be enjoying your most anticipated big day!

Tip 7: Trust Your Gut Instinct

It's simple go with your gut! If you connect with the florist and he/she understands your vision, don't overthink that's the one for you!

Ending: Make Your Wedding Day Bloom

Remember that your wedding day is about celebrating your love. Follow these ideas of Booking a Wedding Florist and you're sure to find a florist who will make your wedding day bloomimg with joy. If you considering hiring a photographer check my portfolio here.

Booking a Wedding Florist


How much notice do you need for wedding flowers? It would be perfect if you could plan for your wedding flowers around 6 to 8 months beforehand. Nevertheless, these timelines can shift based on the scale of your floral desires and the florist's workload.

When should I book a florist for my wedding in the UK? Booking a florist for your UK wedding it's usually quite wise to secure their services about 8 to 12 months before the ceremony. Don't forget, though, that sought-after florists can get snapped up early, so it's beneficial to start scouting as soon as you have your wedding date and venue sorted.

How do you approach a wedding florist? Begin Booking a Wedding Florist by doing some research. Check out different florists, their portfolios, and reviews. When you contact a florist, be ready with your vision, favourite flowers, colour scheme, and budget. It's always good to be armed with a list of questions too.

How far in advance do you need to book wedding flowers? You should arrange your wedding flowers around the same time you secure your florist, generally about 8-12 months prior to your wedding. The actual creation of your floral arrangements usually takes place much closer to the wedding day.

When should you organise a wedding florist? You should start the process of hiring a wedding florist as soon as you finalize your wedding date and venue, typically around 8-12 months before the wedding.

How many days before an event should you buy flowers? Most florists suggest procuring flowers roughly three to four days before your event. This window allows the flowers to bloom and look their best while also ensuring they don't wilt before the big day.

Who pays the bill for wedding flowers? Traditionally it should the bride's family that covers the cost of wedding flowers. but modern practices vary greatly, and it often depends on individual circumstances and agreements.

What should I be aware of before speaking to a wedding florist? Before speaking to a wedding florist, it's crucial to have your wedding date, venue, colour scheme, preferred flowers, and a rough idea of your flower budget in mind. It's also helpful to have some images of floral arrangements that you like.

Who decides on wedding flowers? Usually, the couple makes the decision on wedding flowers, often with advice from their chosen florist. The decision should take into account the wedding's theme, colour scheme, personal tastes, and budget.

What's the average cost of wedding flowers in the UK? You can expect anywhere between £500 and £2,000 for your wedding flowers. Several factors can cause this number to shift like including the variety of flowers you've set your heart on, the scale and number of floral displays you desire, and how the florist sets their rates.

How can I keep costs down for wedding flowers in the UK? You can save on wedding flower costs by choosing flowers that are in season, incorporating more foliage, reusing arrangements (like repurposing flowers from the ceremony for the reception), and opting for larger flowers that fill more space.

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