Best 10 Tips How to Plan a Small Wedding


How to Plan a Small Wedding

I remember when I was thinking about How to Plan a Small Wedding and that was really difficult in the beginning. Many couples have chosen different options over the traditional idea of a wedding. They organize a small, micro wedding or an elopement with just their closest friends and family.

Personally, in 2018 I organize with my wife Magda a small wedding for less than 30 people in of the boutique restaurants in Krakow, Poland. Small weddings are personal and intimate. Let me encourage you through my experience with planning a small wedding.

It doesn't matter if you have decided to keep the guest count low because of COVID, or it's your dream to have this day for just two of you, that's gonna be the most beautiful day in your life.

How to Plan a Small Wedding

Top 10 Tips for Planning a Small Wedding.

1. Keep the Guest List Short

It could get you crazy thinking who should come and who shouldn't. There are a few tricks that will help you with choosing the right people. Check The Knot Wedding guest list manager, fantastic solution to make the great wedding list. However, if you still feeling confused and having too many people on your wedding list don't worry have a look at these 5 Tips for Keeping Your Wedding Guest List short. There is as well great rule for choosing the right people. For instance, check your text messages and calls, and only invite people you've spoken with in the last three months. Simple.

Moreover, if you have to keep the list very short because of COVID, or maybe it's the way how you dream it about. Invite only your personal VIPs. You need to be very selective the 15 person limit includes you, the photographer, official. You just stay with 11 guests. That's the right excuse to say no to children, extended family.

2. Consider the Alternative Venue

I made my small wedding in a beautiful ancient style restaurant, therefore restaurants are my first choice looking for venues. Whatever have a look at this list of Unique and unusual wedding venues in London.

Another great idea is renting a private home (that's not yours). Some of this houses can be very unique and that can give you option for very cost-efficient wedding day.

If you on a budget check this incredible Affordable Wedding Venues for Hire in London.

3. Plan in Advance Your Wedding Budget

That's a very important part where lots of us get lost. Firstly if you don't have a budget in mind it becomes much easier to spend thousands more than you expected. Choose a number and stick to it. Figure out how much you have to spend in total, and where will these funds come from (savings, family, loans, etc). Calculate the cost per head, that will help you plan a small wedding pricing venue.

How to Plan a Small Wedding

4. The Guest Experience

The guest experience is usually much better with smaller parties, as the couple has time to spend more time with everyone. Think to add some original or quirky things to make your wedding experience better. That could be incredible food, a live band, or an inspiring back garden with fun games and a Champagne.  Think about hiring a boat to take guests from the church or registry to the wedding venue, or it could be a private chef and sommelier that offers private tasting as part of the day. There are many more ways to elevate the guest experience.

5. Great Idea is a Weekday Wedding

In this paragraph, I will talk about Weekday wedding expenses. Firstly thanks to weekdays you can spend more money on a better venue or improving the overall guest experience. Secondly, many wedding venues offer special weekday deals, allowing you to splurge what you’ve saved on something else to make your wedding (or honeymoon) even more amazing. Discuss the possibility of a weekday wedding with the guests who are the most important to you. Some of the people can't make it a course of personal obligation. Make that sure first.

6. Concentrate on the Most Important

Decide with your partner what is most important to you and skip the things that don't matter. Maybe both of you don't like to dance in front of other people, you feel awkward. You can always replace it with a different option like live music. For my wedding, I hire a group of musicians: piano, a violinist, and a vocal singer. That gives our wedding this beautiful touch. All the guests were extremely content to spend quality time like this.

How to Plan a Small Wedding

7. Choose Right Photographer for Occasion

While you plan a small wedding great photographer is also a great investment. If there will be fewer people at the table or party after, your guests will relax and create a special atmosphere. Hire the trusted photographer who wants to become a part of the celebration, not just a person paid to take pictures. If you like to know more about me check my bio.

8. Consider Privacy and Social Ban

Not everyone likes big weddings, sometimes a better idea is a private and intimate wedding. An unplugged wedding is one where all the guests are politely asked to put their phones away for the duration of the wedding and focus on living in the moment. Most importantly privacy is often a huge consideration in having a small or micro wedding, so it can be a good idea to ask guests to abstain from putting their photos on social.

"It’s not about being a Bridezilla, or a control-freak. I’m not worried about unflattering photos of me circling the internet (if Beyonce got over it, so can I.) It’s more about privacy – one of this generation’s most underrated attributes, but one I feel strongly about. As a journalist, I already share some of my most intimate thoughts and concerns with people I’ll never meet, and for me, photos of my future husband when he sees me walking up the aisle towards him, are something to be cherished and tucked away for all but our closest friends and family."


9. Ordering Food and Drinks

Depends if you using Caterers or Restaurant Venue you can always save some money with the right Catering company. Buffet for a simpler wedding meal could be a fantastic option. You can always prepare appetizers or cakes yourself or with help of your family. There is the possibility that some Venues will allow bringing your own drinks and alcohol, which can get you to save lots of money.

How to Plan a Small Wedding

10. Design Desing Design

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Most basically, use any extra money in your budget to Improve the details that matter most to you, creating a stunning experience you and your guests will appreciate.

Small weddings give you the opportunity to design every detail on the table at a considerably low cost. Remember to design the space, not just the tables favor lights, fabrics, plants, wood, and anything else that will create an ambiance. If there are small details you’d love to include, a small wedding is a perfect chance.

How to Plan a Small Wedding


In the summary of How to Plan a Small Wedding, just wanna remind you of some most important reasons to actually consider the small, micro wedding.

  • Reduces your overall wedding cost and budget
  • You can spend more money on your biggest priorities like great food, details or photographer
  • You can spend more time with the closest family and friends
  • Create more personal and intimate experience
  • Less guests means less stress and a more relaxed atmosphere

If you still didn't find the right photographer, get familiar with My Pricing and Collections. If you looking for even more about how to plan a small wedding check this article on WikiHow.


1. How many guests should I invite to a small wedding? while you plan a  small wedding typically consists of 50 guests or less.

2. Can I have a bridal party at a small wedding? Yes, you can still have a bridal party, but consider keeping it small and intimate like your wedding.

3. What are the best venues for a small wedding? There are many suitable venues, including homes, parks, art galleries, or boutique hotels.

4. How can I make my small wedding special? Personalize it! Incorporate activities, decorations, and food that reflect your personalities.

5. Can I still hire a wedding planner for a small wedding? Absolutely! A wedding planner can help ensure your day goes smoothly, regardless of the wedding's size.

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