How Not to Book Your Wedding Photographer


How Not to Book Your Wedding Photographer

Weddings,. They’re like races where everyone thinks they’re winning until they hit a wall. If you’re getting hitched, picking your photographer is one of those make-or-break decisions. You want someone who’s going to capture all the raw moments, not just the pretty ones. Here’s how you can botch it from the start.

graph TD; A[Start: Planning Your Wedding] --> B[Research Your Photographer] B --> C{Check Photographer's Portfolio?} C -- No --> D[Blow Off the Portfolio] B --> E{Read Client Reviews?} E -- No --> F[Skip the War Stories] A --> G[Budget Considerations] G --> H{Choosing Based on Price?} H -- Yes --> I[Choose Cheap Over Memorable] G --> J{Discuss All Costs?} J -- No --> K[Unexpected Additional Costs] A --> L[Communication with Photographer] L --> M{Set Clear Expectations?} M -- No --> N[Ambiguity in Requirements] L --> O{Discuss the Schedule?} O -- No --> P[Photographer Unaware of Key Moments] A --> Q[Professional and Technical Checks] Q --> R{Hiring Friends or Family?} R -- Yes --> S[Compromise Professionalism] Q --> T{Verify Credentials?} T -- No --> U[Do Not Confirm Experience or Reputation] A --> V[Conclusion: Make Informed Choices] V --> W[FAQs and Final Advice]

Check the Portfolio

Big mistake right here—ignoring the photographer’s past work. Every shutterbug has their own way of seeing the world. Some are old school, some shoot from the hip, others are out there trying to redefine what a photograph even is. Make sure their vision doesn’t clash with yours.

Skipping the War Stories

Not reading reviews is like walking blind into a bar fight. You gotta know who’s throwing the punches. Reviews are the battle scars, the stories of survival from other weddings. They'll tell you if your guy can handle the heat or if they’ll fold when grandma starts the conga line.

Budget Mistakes

Choosing Cheap Over Memorable

Trying to save a few bucks on something that’s supposed to last you till the end? Not the wisest move. Going cheap might leave you with pictures that look like they were taken in a dimly lit parking lot after a minor league game.

Hey, it’s your wedding. But if you want photos that feel like someone lived them, not just took them, then take your head out of the sand and choose wisely. This isn’t the time for playing it safe or cheap.

Not Discussing Additional Costs

Many couples are surprised by extra costs for additional hours, special editing, or travel expenses. Discuss all potential fees upfront to avoid budget overruns.

Communication Failures

Not Clarifying Expectations

Clear communication about what you expect in terms of shots, style, and delivery time is crucial. Ambiguity can lead to missed shots and dissatisfaction.

Failing to Discuss the Schedule

Your photographer needs to know the schedule to capture key moments. Ensure they are aware of all the day's timings from the ceremony to the reception.

Logistical Oversights

Not Planning for Backups

What if your photographer falls ill or there’s a technical issue? Ensure your photographer has a backup plan in place.

Ignoring Contract Details

Always read the contract thoroughly. It should specify deliverables, timelines, and cancellation policies.

Personal Touch Neglect

Not Meeting the Photographer in Person

Meeting in person can help you gauge the photographer's personality and ensure you’re comfortable with them. Chemistry is important and can affect how your day is captured.

Not Factoring in Chemistry

Ignoring the personal connection can lead to awkward interactions and photos that don’t capture your true joy.

Professionalism Concerns

Hiring Friends or Family

While it might save money, hiring someone close can result in a lack of professionalism. It’s often better to hire someone with whom you can maintain a professional relationship.

Not Checking Professional Credentials

Ensure your photographer is experienced and reputable within the wedding industry. Check their professional background and ask for references.

Technical Considerations

Overlooking Equipment Quality

High-quality equipment is crucial for capturing crisp, clear photos under various conditions. Discuss with your photographer what equipment they use.

Not Planning for Different Lighting Situations

Weddings can go from bright daylight to dimly lit dances. Your photographer should be skilled in handling diverse lighting.


Choosing the right wedding photographer involves more than just picking a name from a list. Avoid these common mistakes to ensure that your wedding photos are everything you dream of.


  1. What should I do if a photographer's portfolio doesn’t include recent weddings? Ask for recent samples or consider other photographers with up-to-date portfolios.
  2. How can I ensure a photographer understands the style I want? Provide them with examples of photos you like and discuss how these can be incorporated into your day.
  3. Is it necessary to have a second photographer? Depending on the size of your wedding, a second photographer can ensure more comprehensive coverage.
  4. What are typical extra costs that might not be included in the initial quote? Additional hours, special editing techniques, and travel costs are commonly extra.
  5. How can I handle disagreements with my photographer after the wedding? Address issues professionally by referring to the contract and discussing problems directly.

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