I love capturing engagement shoots! An engagement shoot isn’t a necessity when it comes to wedding planning but its an option for you to consider. If you are still undecided I just wanna help! Have a look at 7 reasons to have an engagement shoot.


1. Get comfortable with the camera!

Not everyone is relaxed in front of the camera and newly met photographer, you may feel uncomfortable in the very beginning. On your big day, there will be too much to do, managing people and event. So much to do, so much to think about. You will be full of emotions, and that’s normal. So an engagement shoot is almost like a warm-up, a practice, it can help you be more relaxed in front of the camera, it helps to just be yourself.

2. Get to know your photographer and how he is working.

The more relaxed you feel with your photographer the more natural and pleasant your photos will be, and when it comes to your wedding day you will be prepare, you will know the photographer and can have a laugh and joke with them making it an enjoyable experience.

You’ll probably spend more time with me than anyone else on your wedding day, and that’s including your partner. I can help with poses, hand positions, difficult situations, making it easier on your wedding day as you will feel more confident with what to do and who you can trust.

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3. Beautiful photos before becoming MR & MRS.

Being a happy couple and awaiting your wedding day is an exciting time! It’s one of life’s journeys that deserves to be preserved in photos to look back on in years to come. You want to remember your couple times and Professional photos are great and a chance to capture memories and a moment in your life of you both.

4. You can use your pictures differently.

If you haven’t sent out your invites, you could use a photo from the photoshoot on them. These pictures are great for sharing with family or having in a frame on the wall. They are also great to use for your wedding. As of date cards, photos hung up, placed on the guest book table, or on a digital photo frame.

There are lots of options to choose from dress up stylish, editorial to relaxed, and informal. That’s your time so you decide what style you like and where. I am more than happy to help, just ask me.

5.Go back to a place you love or go to a place where you love to be.

An engagement shoot is a great opportunity to go to a place important for you, where you have your best memories. That could be a place where you have the best holidays ever or you met the first time. A great option is to go to a place where you always dream to go… Iceland, Scotland, London, it’s all up to you. Whatever the place would be on the map it is a chance to get some incredible photos of you both there and create beautiful memories.

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6. Photos with the family or pets

The “couple” photoshoot doesn’t have to be just you, if you have children then it’s a great chance for some awesome family photos, or bring the cat or dog along, they are your family! That’s a fantastic treasure to come back to these pictures after years. It is a great opportunity to get natural but professional and creative pictures of you all having a great time together.

7. It’s a lot of fun

It’s just a pure good time with your wedding photographer. You can go for somewhere dramatic and visually stunning, say a panoramic London walkabout close to Tower Bridge, crazy small streets of Soho, maybe even an East London street art funky exploration, you can push the boat out and go to a National Trust site like Scotney Castle and Waddesdon Manor.  Or maybe you can choose a quieter and more modest location, one where you feel less self-conscious and more intimate. It’s all up to you. The most important is an excellent memory and a great day out.

So are engagement session worth to do?

After reading 7 reasons to have an engagement shoot I hope I convinced you that’s actually a very good idea. If it is included with your wedding photography collection then make sure to do it, it is great fun and can be as relaxed and informal as you like, make of it what you want, have fun and get some great photos before you become Mr and Mrs.

How much does it cost?

Some of the wedding photographers offer an engagement shoot in the packages they have, and if your photographer does this then is certainly worth going with. If the photographer does not have precise prices it’s good to check with him how much would that cost. You don’t need photoshoot for the whole day, it would just be for an hour up to few hours, let them know where you would like to do it if you have a place in mind so they can take into account travel time and cost if isn’t local to them.

The costs could be between various depending on how long you want and where is the location.